Băile Felix, Bihor
During your stay at Hotel President, we can offer more ways to spend your time in a pleasant way. During your stay at Hotel President, we can offer more ways to spend your time in a pleasant way.
Jogging, Trecking & Walks
Located directly behind the hotel is the Felix Forest, which lies on some ten acres, and it is crossed by paths that you will be walking or you will practice trekking. The kissing gate, which was arranged by us through the forest, connects the President Hotel with the center of Felixbath resort, located just 900 meters away. The forest is home to a jogging path, the same stretch on which great Romanian athlets have trained, the most famous being Gabi Szabo. This forest is also the ideal place where you can organize recreational activities such as paintball.

Golf enthusiasts can be excited in the location of a partner in the vicinity of the hotel, there is the opportunity to practice this sport, there is a possibility for beginners to take lessons with the help of a teacher, and you can take your own equipment with you or you may rent it. We assure transfer to the golf course, the Hotel President customers will benefit from favorable rates.


In the aquapark we have a football field on synthetic grass.

Horseback riding & Driving

We offer you the option of special enjoyable trips into the natural environment, with horses that are trained for this work. Even driving with carts or carriages can be arranged on request.

Visits in Oradea

Oradea is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. The troubled past and the mix of nationalities give a special beauty to this city, with buildings of architectural value. The Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption "Church of the Moon" features not only the combination of architectural styles, Byzantine and late Baroque, the movement which is purely mechanical symbolizes the phases of the moon. The city-hall, with a tower, in addition to the administrative role, is also a tourist attraction. Several exhibits have their place in the city-hall, in the pyramid or the tower. The Queen MaryTheatre, which was in 2011, a restaurant, seems to produce different pieces for culture lovers. The BlackEagle passage, is the unique copy of the famous"Galleria Vittorio Emanuele" in Milan and is the most troubled area of the city, together with the Alecsandri Street, which houses the most famous terraces, bars and pubs in the city. The Oradea Castle, a building of the nineteenth century, is one of the last inhabited fortresses in Europe. Situated in an extensive renovation, it still confuses with its size, the outer walls and inner beauty.

Excursions in Bihor

The Apuseni Mountains, with predominance of limestone in the structure, gave rise to numerous caves.The most famous of these is the Bear cave, discovered in 1975 as karst during blasting dynamite. Lying over a length of 1500 meters, on two levels, the cave houses fossils of cave bear, a species considered extinct more than 650,000 years ago. The Sheepfold Valley Resort, Romanias Centre for changing rainy weather is also easily reachable. Because of the tonic bioclimate, characterized by low atmospheric pressure, the region particularly is recommended in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The Padis plateau, is the ideal starting point for those who wander. Easily accessible and less difficulty than the trails that lead to "Ponor stronghold", "Lost world," "The living fire Glacier" or many other natural objects of beauty.

Evening music in the Oradea Philharmonic

Lovers of classical music can be enjoyed every Thursday evening with the Philharmonic performances. Great conductors and soloists are in constant collaboration with the Philharmonic.

Upon request, we organize various activities for some team building, types of theme parties, or for different age segments.